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Getting Started: Create your eLifePlans Profile

Step 1: Complete the eLife Plan Design Wizard and clarify everything you want to be, do and have to gain more focus, balance and direction in your life.

Step 2: Prioritize your dreams with due dates to gain a clear focus on what needs your attention and schedule your
30-minute complimentary coaching session
with a Certified Extraordinary Results Coach.

Step 3: Refine your personal eLife Plan and gain direction by reviewing the suggested S.M.A.R.T. Goals and Action Steps included in your personalized Action Plans (or create your own) to help you accomplish your biggest dreams.

Step 4: TAKE ACTION! Learn to implement timeless success principles and time management tactics, make wise decisions daily and live the life you've always dreamed about!

Step 5: Breakthough the challenges, obstacles & bad habits. Participate in live coaching webinars, our interactive success community and optional personal coaching programs for expert coaching and personal accountability.

Step 6: Assess and measure the progress you've made over time and re-focus on your biggest dreams and goals and adjust your plan (if applicable).

redcheck.gif  Six Steps To Success eCoaching Course - Receive peak performance coaching inside six virtual coaching courses from David Bush, our Head Coach and Founder.  Each virtual coaching course includes a 1-hour streaming webinar video session, laser specific coaching instructions and a Coaching Challenge (implementation assignment) that helps you take action on the coaching you receive to realize your dreams.  

redcheck.gif  Unlimited My Life Assessments - Assess and measure how successful you are in life  and learn how to identify areas of concern and improve them immediately.

redcheck.gif  Individual Coaching Session - Receive one live, 30 minute personalized coaching call from one of our Certified Extraordinary Results Coaches.

redcheck.gif  Online Life Planning and Goal Setting System Design your life and keep your most important dreams, goals and action steps in front of you with our state of the art, patent pending life planning system and optional email reminders.

redcheck.gif  Live Online Support - Access our concierge coaching resource by interacting with our Live Support Team Monday-Friday 9am-6pm CST and get the answers you need to succeed.

redcheck.gif  Ask The Expert Virtual Coaching - Get expert answers from our knowledgeable community of experts in less than 48-72 hours!

redcheck.gif  Monthly Coaching Calls/Webinars - Plug in to monthly coaching calls with our expert coaches as they breakdown hot topics that will help you succeed at implementing your plan and achieving your goals.

redcheck.gif  Executive Coaching and Management Tools - Get expert executive coaching and take advantage of our interactive management tools to improve your business and/or career.

redcheck.gif  eBooks & Courses - Receive access to additional resources and special tele-courses. 

redcheck.gif  Expert Online Seminars - Access our complete library of online seminars on various hot topics presented by our team of expert coaches.

redcheck.gif  Download Helpful Planning Forms & Resources - Download sample forms, helpful worksheets and other organizational tools.

redcheck.gif  Coaching Article Archive - Use our key word search feature to access hundreds of coaching articles in seconds from our vast community of experts on a wide variety of topics.

redcheck.gif  Coaching Blogs - Access your favorite Coaching Blogs inside our Blog Aggregator with real time updates

redcheck.gif  Discussion Board - Leverage the power of our diverse network of like minded subscribers and share your goals, ideas, questions, suggestions and more!

redcheck.gif  Resource Directory - Receive helpful hints to books, CD's, DVD's, etc. to help you accomplish your biggest goals and dreams.

redcheck.gif  Weekly Success Ezine - Receive hot weekly strategies, tools and tactics delivered right to your inbox.

Membership Cost:  $19.95 per month or $110 per year (with FREE 30 Day Trial)

Payment Methods: Visa/Mastercard/American Express/Discover

All new accounts come with a FREE 30-day trial. Cancel within 30 days and your credit card won't be charged.

If you have a "Coach Activation Code" from one of our Certified Extraordinary Results Coaches, please contact them (or our Support Team) for pricing details during the 30-Day FREE TRIAL period for special subscription discounts included in group and individual coaching offers.


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Personal eLife Plan

photo-writing.jpgIt is hard to live the life of your dreams without a personal life plan. Whether you have just reached half time in your life or if you have just graduated high school, you need a life plan before you accomplish your biggest goals and dreams. If you don't know where you are going, how will you know when you get there? We need the focus, direction and balance in our lives that a life plan gives us to live a successful life...more

Monthly Coaching Calls with Top Speakers and Coaches

Monthly Coaching CallsAccess Monthly Coaching Calls with experts coaches in each of the 8 life plan categories plus other areas of interest.  Get motivated by coaches who have worked with thousands of individuals just like you to overcome obstacles and accomplish their dreams.  Each call is archived inside a complete library of recorded Audio Coaching sessions in the member's only section on various life topics...more

Email Reminder System

Email RemindersWe need to be reminded to review our goals, plans and accomplishments.  Our optional email reminders will keep the items listed inside your eLife Plan in front of you to help you focus on your most important tasks necessary to live out your dreams and to accomplish the goals you've set before you...more

Success Articles, Tips and Quotes

Articles, Tips & QuotesGet helpful strategies and ideas from our article archive section and get energized from our robust listing of quotes and tips.  Through our online community of coaches and advisors we have collected plethera of coaching strategies on various life topics and put them in a place where members can learn and grow from them as often as they wish...more

Online Success Seminars

Online Success SeminarsAs a member you'll have access to our complete Online Success Seminars library of webinars.  Each webinar tackles a specific area of personal development to help you gain the focus, balance and direction that you need to succeed in life.  Receive coaching on items such as Time Management, Setting Goals and Maximizing Your Health...more

Live Online Support

Live SupportMembers receive interactive support from our Live Support Team during the hours of 9am-6pm Central Standard Time.  Receive helpful tips on how to create or make changes to your eLife Plan account or for advice on where to find specific items in your account or inside the Extraordinary Results Coaching Center...more

Interactive Bulletin Board

Bulletin BoardThrough our interactive Bulletin Board you can collaborate with other members on various topics and connect with others for online accountability and encouragement.  We encourage you to share your stories and be a part of this vibrant online success community...more

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